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The World of Authentic Flavours



30 years ago, Spencer Ingleton immigrated to Western Australia with a dream to share his family recipes and a world of new flavours with Australia. This was the beginning of Spencers™ Gourmet Trading.

Ever since then Spencers™ has been following in his footsteps, traveling to every corner of the globe to bring Australians the best herbs & spices that can be found. With herbs and spices from Europe, Turkey, India, Sarawak, and Papua New Guinea we don’t let distance determine what we can and cannot do. Using those family recipes and traditional techniques we offer the best flavours of the world, right here in Western Australia.


Herbs & Spices

Bay Leaves
Caraway Seeds
Cardamom Ground
Cardamom Pods
Cayenne Pepper
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Whole Black Peppercorns
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
Iodised Australian Sea Salt
Natural Australian Sea Salt
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Wet Herbs

Chopped Garlic
Grated Ginger
Chopped Chilli
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Butter Chicken
Beef Rendang
Chicken Korma
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Curry Pastes

Butter Chicken Paste
Korma Paste
Tikka Masala Paste
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Plain Pappadums
Pepper Pappadums
Chilli Pappadums
Cumin Pappadums
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1KG Basmati Rice
5KG Basmati Rice
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Spiced Roast Vegetable & Chickpea Salad

Thai Red Chicken Curry Pies

Vegetable Samosas

Spiced Indian Lentils with Mint Raita

Thai Prawn & Rice Cakes

Thai Green Curry Chicken Balls

Lemon & Orange Chicken

Thai Pumpkin Soup with Coriander Pesto

Spicy Chermoula Fish

Vietnamese Seafood Curry

Tandoori Lamb with Mint & Cucumber Salad

Sticky Chinese Pork



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